Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: CB – Country: US

Blessed Mother

I ask that you heal me fully from cancer and destroy any threat of recurrence. I ask that you heal me – mind body and soul. I humbly ask that you protect my family and the blessings that you have bestowed upon us – especially our finances, insurance, security of being able to provide for our children and grow them in the Catholic faith in particular through education. Please protect the well being of my husband M and my daughters C and P. Please allow me to complete the necessary treatments with my mind and body in tact.

Please allow me another 41 years to make it right with you and follow the way that you are guiding me. Please Lord have mercy on me and continue to be present in my life. I love you Lord and surrender to you.

My faith is small and weak and I worry. Please allow me to grow. Please open my heart and quiet my mind.

Lord I love you and ask that you never leave me. Please deliver me from this trial safely and restore peace and joy to my life.

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