Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: JB – Country: GB

Please let Mums cancer not spread, let it be a non aggressive type & easily treated, let all the cancerous lumps & cells in her breast & in her nodes be removed during the mastectomy without any problems, let the best available treatment & medication be administered quickly & successfully to her so that all the cancer in her body will be killed off. Let the side effects not be too severe & let the follow up treatment plan be a total success so that she may be rid of the cancer forever. Amen.

Please pray for my Uncle Patsy, Uncle Johnny and all those who have died recently, may they rest in peace and be reunited with their family and friends in Heaven. Please pray for Auntie Annie in Glasgow, help her in her battle with dementia, please give her clarity so she can remember her family, friends and the good times. Please pray for all members of my family and friends who are sick, help them to a fast and full recovery. Amen.

Please pray for my Mum who has now had her mastectomy, please let all the cancerous lumps, cancerous cells and infected nodes have been completely removed without any problems and please let the cancer not have spread. Please let the results from her Mastectomy show that all has been a success. Please bless the surgeons and nurses who have been looking after her and please help her to a full and swift cancer free recovery. Amen.

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