Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: Jfm – Country: DE

Dear Lord, let me thank you again. I am still pregnant and without many problems. I know that this child or maybe these children if they might be twins are from you as I am from you. It was not my mother’s decision, will and making that I am here. And it is not mine that this child is growing inside me. The force that gives and protects lives is yours. It is the real power. And I may be present at this wonder. Lord, let me rest in you. I feel a bit worried if I did too much work last week. And I felt rather sick on Saturday. And help me decide if the long drive to see my parents and siblings over Christmas is good for us now or not. And help my students understand what to do. Even if they decided to not attend the tutorial and not read the material provided guide their minds now to the right places so that they may thrive. And let me rest on this weekend. Let me rest without feeling bad about not replying to a message written at 6 pm on Friday afternoon. Let me love my children or child growing in my tummy. Let us get outside for a walk enjoying the cold and fresh air on this Sunday. Let me enjoy your day. Let me rest in you. And I want to thank you for putting into the hearts of volunteers to pray with me and to check this prayer message before publishing. And I want to ask you for even more of your love for the times that are coming. They will be uncertain and climate change induced conflicts are already now happening, eg in Ukraine, where raw materials for the energy transition are available. And the west seems to be deeply corrupted in many ways that remind me of the tower of babel. More than before we all, and I’m also thinking about my children or child and how I may educate them to rest in you come what may and how your spirit may guide us all in this endeavour. I’m also asking you to talk to my future students that they may understand how important it is to do good work and thrive scientifically. And to let me rest in you over and over again so that I may provide what little I may not from my wishful will but with your strength and power, not exhausting but ever refilling. Lord, I can sense again a little bit of that sick feeling probably typical for this phase in pregnancy. Please, guide my will and wishes towards relief. I love this child already so much. I thank you Lord.

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