Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: LA – Country: IE

Please pray for these teenagers who are hurting and in detention:
W born into a life of crime and used from childhood for criminal purposes by those meant to love him. Pray that God will have mercy and break through by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about inner transformation and a desire for a different way of life as a precious child of God.
C who became deeply distressed and involved in street violence following the brutal murder of a close family member. He longs for revenge against the perpetrator. Please pray he will not repay evil with evil (Romans 12:17) but that Jesus the Prince of Peace will reveal himself to him and heal him in his inmost being with the power of his love.
S who allowed jealous rage to consume her and cause her to deeply hurt another person. She has made amends and came under the conviction that Jesus Christ had the power to help her. Please pray that God will empower her to stay free from trouble and that she will be free from fear to enjoy life and continue her studies.
B who has become addicted to alcohol resulting in antisocial behaviour. Please pray that with God’s help he will be able to get a job and be able to stay out of trouble.

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