Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: PECV – Country: PH

Lord God, today is a very special day. This is a very rare day that my dearest brother, R.E., opened up in a radio station, anonymously. He calls himself a “Call Center Boy”. I am deeply touched by his bravery and strength. He has a broken family. Both his parents have their own families now. And he also had a recent breakup with his girlfriend. He kept saying to himself that he can endure it by himself since grade 2 until today now that he’s college. But during thia time and until the rest of his life, may his whole life be dedicated to you. As he has lost “everything”. But I know that in You, Lord God, this person so dear to me has everything in its truest sense.

I love You Lord Jesus. And I also love this person, my brother. May we meet in eternity and finally be happy with You and everyone, including our families.

With Faith, Hope, and Love

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