Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: BL – Country: US

First THANKSGIVING for this Advent, Christmas season. A time to remember, give thanks, and adore the Risen Lord who is my shepherd. I give thanks for this site. Sacred Space is the truest possible of Godsends. Saint Ignatius must be very happy with your work. I certainly am! As I face the season I give thanks for the help the Lord has given me getting my “snail mail” cards sent. Now I look towards the possibly daunting task of organizing, creating and sending emails in the spirit of Christmas. Lord I desire your Holy Spirit inspire, guide my thoughts, words, and deeds in a very special way appropriate to this season. I ponder my extended family, my deceased wife’s family and friends, and note with some genuine sorrow my failings, lapses, and faults. Consoled by GK Chesterton’s motto: Anything really worth doing is worth doing poorly. This is worth doing. Lord I desire to group members of the category “family and friends” and send them fitting greetings and salutations, without typing individual notes for every single person. If I tried that the job would NOT even get done by the New Year. Help me Lord to make sensible, charitable, genuinely kind and loving gifts of communication with my friends and family. Through Christ Our Lord, in His Spirit. Amen!

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