Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: EM – Country: US

Please pray greater love in my family and a deeper relationship with Christ our Lord. I specifically ask that Kristine, my middle child, that her heart be healed and that she will open her heart to the Lord.
Please pray for my grandchildren that we will be able to share with them the good News of Christ Jesus.
Please pray too for our first born child and her husband, that they may grow closer to the Lord.

Please pray for my daughter Alyssa, that she may not lose her love and interest of seeking to be close to the Lord and that she too will be successful in her quest to be a physician assistant (Please pray that in being a PA, that she will be able to help the less fortunate).

Please pray for my husband and myself, that we will truly be good witnesses to the goodness and

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