Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: Fc – Country: SG

For all our sick priests, religious sisters and brothers, for healings to enable them to fulfill their religious commitments and vows.
For all who are mentally and physically ill for a speedy recovery.
For lapsed Catholic who have strayed away or lost faith from the church to return
back especially for my sons, HC and AC.
For my Wife, JC, Daughter-law, AC, and grandchildren, AC,SC,AC and FC, that they may find peace with each other and for those who have strayed to return to their faith in the Lord.
For protection of all Christians from Muslim terrorisms all over the world.
For the conversion of all Muslims into Christ.
For a successful dialogue and trade agreements at the G20 meeting in Osaka.
For a lively and strong faith in Christ for myself.

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