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Initials: JFM – Country: DE

Dear Lord, you know, a lot of people are panicking about COVID again. We have failed to organize and manage having concepts in place that will help when vaccination is not sufficient. Again, we are thinking about educating students online, even though lab courses are very important for them, the only idea is to create smaller groups, and without more educators, this is not possible. This is not something only the students may or may not suffer right now. It is something we as a society will suffer in the decades to come, as we will have poorly educated engineers, doctors, dentists, and a lot more specialists lacking practical skills. We have always been dealing with dangers in our labs. E.g. electricity is mortal and there is no vaccine against it. But we do not seem to find ways to educate while dealing with the danger of COVID. Please, show as the way. Show us where we need courage and perseverance so that we can educate students well. For the sake of our society. JFM

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