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Initials: JMI – Country: US

The G family has been trampled on by an Insurance co, & a contractor for over 13 months. The bank who held the mortgage has finally decided due to a local realtor bringing them down to earth that this family needs a new lawyer. E G is seeing this new lawyer today.
My prayer is that the bank & new lawyer will be behind this family & not trample them for their own intentions. I would like to see some justice for this family. But they need someone who understands & has power behind them.
Also pray for grief resolution. The family has been living in a hotel all this time. The elderly mother died 2 weeks ago. She contracted COVID & the EMTs at first refused to take her in. She had renal issues afterwards & the nursing home choices were taken out of her families hands. She died after some very questionable decisions were made by the nursing home. She needs justice as well.