Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: jp – Country: US

My mother passed away in Nov. and I miss her very much. I just learned that my 28 year old daughter was sexually molested by a neighbor’s son who used to babysit for us when she was small. She has always been a troubled person and now I know why and I am so so sorry – I didn’t know! I told her how sorry I was. She keeps a dangerously messy house and has 2 small children. I realize this may be symptomatic of her depression but with small children I don’t understand why she can’t clean or pick up at all! She seems to be able to do other things she wants to do. I confronted her about this, cleaned a few rooms in her house and well, things didn’t go well at all. She’s angry and hurt and is not speaking to me. My daughter in law was just diagnosed with a very serious autoimmune disease. I am overwhelmed. I pray but God is silent. Or maybe I just can’t hear him.

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