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Initials: P – Country: GB

To the Father, the Son Jesus Christ our saviour & the Holy Spirit, the creator of heaven & earth, I come to you Father asking from you a loving man ready and willing to marry me at this very moment. A man possessing compassion and empathy especially regarding my complex condition. An Honourable, trustworthy, honest, respectful, generously kind hearted man who also wants a family with me. You know I am more than ready my Lord. Have I not waited long enough patiently my Lord?

I also ask for your healing hand, excellent progression & completion with my course/career & financial stability to enable me to look after my entire family especially my ever growing old parents M & S.

I want to thank you for my life thus far, but please father show me my husband, takeaway all the confusion as to who he really is, to enable me to see him clearly and feel his heart beat for mine. I think I have found him oh Lord, but only say the words father and I shall be healed of all I ask of you. Amen