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Initials: PECV – Country: PH

Today, I’ve had a super heartbreaking encounter with my little sister, E. She is really obsessed with cellphone. She even wished that she would have the cellphone all her life with no one to disturb her or to borrow it from her. But what’s more heartbreaking is this: she told me she’s not afraid of me while stomping her foot on my head. I said, “Respeto” (respeto is respect in English). She repeated her sentence. If that’s heartbreaking, then this tore my heart more: I told her to at least fear God. She told me that she doesn’t know God… when all along she has known Him since she was a baby! She even cried when she saw Jesus suffering and dying on the cross. Arggh, but nothing ever compares to the hurt that I and my Lord Jesus have felt when this happened after a short while: I told her that Jesus loves her, but she feigned ignorance by asking who Jesus is—repeatedly.

… (。•́︿•̀。) I was warned about this in my previous dream that I wrote in this sacredspace chapel. How it hurts to see it happen with my own eyes. O, Lord, I pray for her. Help us, O Lord! May Thy will be done. Amen.

I want to understand her though. She’s only 5 years old. (I taught her about Wisdom. Yet she avoids it. She told me that I may seek more of Her (=Wisdom) but she does not want to…) Lord.

Sometimes I feel I’m lacking or powerless. Ha~ That is why all more shall I seek Your guidance, O Lord. I trust in You.

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