Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: SLM – Country: US

Praying for a close family friend, CF, who is caregiving for her father, DB, while he is receiving radiation treatments for prostate cancer. CF was a former home caregiver, helping special needs and the elderly. Emotionally, it is more difficult to deal with her father. She also has a husband dealing with back issues, mental illness & PTSD from military sexual trauma (BF), and one of her adult daughters is special needs (DF) with juvenile arthritis and learning disabilities/delays. Her other adult daughter (AF) is low on potassium and anemic, and she has been in the ER twice during the past month. Life is always full of doctor visits, counseling (individually and as a family). There is a lot of stress in the household, but all of them love Jesus and look to Him for their strength. CF is also starting a ministry in the fall to give support to caregivers and those they care for. Thank you for your prayers — with much love and gratitude. ~SLM

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