Chapel of Intentions
Chapel of Rememberances

Initials: SMRF – Country: US

Dear lord I believe I found this site for a reason & I am in need of you in my life more than ever for I need the strength to make better choices and be freed from the struggles of my addiction and struggles they cause not just me but more so my family especially my boys. I have been blessed in ways never could dream of with the children you’ve given me and more than anything I need guidance to get back to the mother they need and for me to not cause the pain I know I do for not being present as I should be nor can be until I am rid of addiction and start getting mind back. To all who may read this and add me to there prayers I thank you for doing so even with the struggles that you may face to still take that moment in aiding my pain and sorry for the length but honestly was hard to make this short. God you know what’s best and I want nothing but to give my everything up to you for I have faith in you and am always grateful for your love

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